Services and Pricing

Before we start

I will guide you through the whole process of creating your website. We will start with an initial consultation in which we will determine the main goal of the website and what the overall look and feel should be. You’re welcome to send over some examples of websites you love in order to help me get an idea of the style you’re looking for. It helps if you’ve got some content in the form of written texts and images at this stage already.

If you don’t have any content yet, I can start with placeholder-texts and images. If you don’t have any images and want some photography done, I’m happy to connect you with photographers in your area. Working as a photographer myself for the past eight years, I’ve grown quite a large network of amazing artists in New Zealand and all over the world. If that’s not an option for you, there’s always the possibility of using stock images or illustrations. You can consult with me on what will fit your website best!

Design & Development

After the consultation, I’ll start creating a design for your website. This will be done in a graphics design program which will make the whole process a lot easier and faster than doing this during development. I’ll send over my design-suggestions and even though it won’t be a fully functional website just yet, you’ll get a very specific idea of how the end product will look.

Once we’ve found the perfect design for your website, I’ll start the development process. At this stage the project starts to become a fully functional website, with buttons to click, contact forms to fill out, animations and so on. You don’t need any web hosting at this stage yet, I’ll do the whole development on my own servers and move it to yours once it’s done.

Most of my websites are built on WordPress, a powerful, fast, and secure tool that gives me a lot of freedom when developing and lets you take control of your content and add blogposts etc without the need of deep technical knowledge.

Final touches

In terms of search engine optimisation (SEO), there are a lot of things that you should consider already when writing the text for your website. It’s a good idea to get me involved in the process as early as possible so we’ll end up with copy that will help your websites SEO.

I’ve been working on getting websites on page one of Google for years now and I have actually re-done websites for agencies who needed a better search rank. I’ve learned that the best technique dosen’t involve any tricks or hacks (which only help short-term anyway) but it’s all about creating good and real content from the ground up. I’m happy for you to consult with me on this matter as well!

Once your website is live, I’ll make some final touches to your SEO and your website’s performance and speed.


Just like your car, your garden, or a friendship, websites need regular attention and care nowadays.

Web technology is moving forward incredibly fast and an update that your hosting provider provides to its servers can potentially be a breaking change to a website if its software isn’t kept up to date and maintained regularly. Plus: every website can be hacked. Regardless of its size or security standard. Big companies like Sony, Nintendo and Amazon have been there and believe me, there’s nothing that gets your heart pumping faster than a hacked website that you never made a backup of.

You’re welcome to do the maintenance yourself if you’ve got the knowledge but I also offer a maintenance package that you should take a look at.


Full Website

The price for my basic website is a fixed price. You won’t pay any more if you don’t need any additional sections, pages or any of the premium features stated below. This package will get you a finished, fully functional website for a fixed price. Hosting and domain-name registration is not included.

One main page with up to six sections with basic features
"Contact" page
"About us" page
One additional page with up to 3 sections with basic features
Pages for privacy and legal content
Search engine optimisation
Google analytics setup
Mobile ready
Security setup
Moving the site to your live servers



(incl. GST)

Additional sections: 50$

Additional pages with up to two sections: 100$

Basic Features


Premium Features

starting at 150$

Basic Features


Text / Images / Buttons

Videos / Audio

Image sliders / Slideshows

Image backgrounds

Video backgrounds

Portfolio grids and lists



Price list


Basic contact forms

Navigation menus

Team-member showcase

Google maps

Image gallery

Flip boxes

Social sharing button

Tabbed sections

Accordion sections

Countdowns / Counters

Progress bars



Image lightbox

Data tables


Premium Features

starting at 150$

Blog functionality

Advanced dynamic content

Restaurant menus

Shop functionality

Appointment booking

Table booking

Event calendar


Images with hotspots

Instagram feed

Live support chat

Protected content and pages


Advanced navigation menus

Image comparison sliders

Multilingual website


Stock images

Anything else you can imagine…

Hosting and domain registration

I offer a managed hosting solution so you don’t have worry about anything. Domain name registration is included and it’s enough if you drop me an e-mail if you need any configuration like new email addresses. You will also get a login to your server backend and an FTP-User, in case you want to change any configurations yourself. The hosting plan is included in my maintenance plan.

Web hosting
Domain name registration
Unlimited email addresses
One .com or domain incl. (more domains available for extra charge)
SSL Certificate
Servers in Australia


$NZ / year

(incl. GST)

Maintenance plan

My maintenance plan comes with everything you need to keep your website up and running for years and years to come. Don’t worry about change of technology, crashes or hacks, I’ve got you covered. Rest assured that I take care of regular backups and software updates. I will also get an automatic notification for most of the errors and problems that can occur on your website so that I can fix them before your customers or probably even you notice it. Additionally, if you want to make any changes to your website, you’ve got 12 hours of my working time for free.

Includes hosting plan

Weekly software updates

Weekly backups
Restoring your site after crashes and hacks
12 hours of additional work on your website per year
Renewal of all required software licences


$NZ / year

(incl. GST)

Frequently asked questions


You guessed it: it depends on the requirements. My basic package starts at 1800 NZD. That includes a landing page (or main page) with up to 6 sections, a contact page, an about us page and one additional page with basic features. To get a lot more information about pricing and about basic and premium features, head over to my Services & Pricing page.

A “section” is an area of content that belongs together. If you are on my main page for example, one section would be the “Portfolio”-showcase or the “Services”-box right under that. Basically everything divided by a headline on my homepage is one section.

A list of basic and premium features can be found on my Services & Pricing page.

Ideally yes but I can also work with placeholder content. Before you start writing the copy for your website, we should talk about how you can make it friendly for search engines. There are a few points that you can follow to rank your website better in search engines.

Not really. There are lots of different options. You could go for stock images or illustrations, but I’m also happy to connect you with professional photographers to get images or illustrations done specifically for you. You can consult with me on this one!

Depending on the complexity of your website, it can be everything from 48 hours to 8 weeks. I’m able to give you an estimate after the first consultation.

Depends on the experience, I guess!

I’ve been building websites since I was 12 years old. That’s a whopping 21 years – over two decades. I’ve worked with many different technologies and seen them grow (and sometimes die). During this time I failed a lot – which is great! I learned about a million different mistakes that can be made when building a website and now I can avoid most of the pitfalls that other people don’t even know about. Not only does that make my development quite fast, but it also helps me to build a stable and secure base for your website.

I can build most of the requirements that small and even bigger businesses need for their websites. However, if a website’s requirements grow over what I can achieve as a single person, I will tell you so and can connect you to an agency that’s more suitable for your needs.

Most of my websites are built with WordPress which has quite a few requirements. You need an Apache or Nginx server with PHP Version 7.3 or greater, MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater or any version of MariaDB.

Additionally it’s recommended to have about 1GB of disk space, 512MB RAM and a processor with at least 1.0GHz.

The servers in my hosting plan are all running on the biggest tier at Siteground with a great performance. 

The Apache servers are based in Australia, you get 2GB of  SSD disk space, PHP Version 7.3, MySQL Version 5.7

I take a 50%, deposit upfront. That’s after the first consultation and before I start any design or development work. The deposit is non-refundable if the project is abandoned by you. If for any reason I have to cancel the project, you’ll get your deposit back.

The other 50% is to be paid after the website is finished and before it’s moved to the live servers.

Hosting and maintenance plans are to be paid yearly in advance and are non-refundable since I’m also buying resources for your website in advance.